New Release From Jacky Jack White – “I’ll Speak For You”

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Jim Druey is a man’s man. He’s been a successful, hardworking, hard-charging businessman, and entrepreneur all of his life. He and his wife Carole have traveled the world , raised a family, and planted businesses. When he hit his late fifties, he settled in Madison, Mississippi where he hunts, and leases hunting land to others. Mostly, his close friends. Also, as he grew older, he found his faith in Christ grew deeper, stronger, and more real.

One morning, in September 2022, he awoke, and realized he was sitting up in bed, with his arms, and hands raised to the ceiling. He had lines of a poem coursing through his barely conscious morning mind. Jim had never written a poem. Much less, a song. He doesn’t play a musical instrument, or sing, or read a note of music. Even though, he was a bit taken back, he retrieved a writing pad, and pen from the bedside table.

He began to write down his thoughts:

“The silence is over, I’ll speak for You You are my life, my Savior You bled and died for me I’ll speak your name. l’m no longer ashamed! Lead me Lord, l’ll speak for you. Telling the world that through You can life really begin. Show me the way, tell me what to say. Allow me Jesus to be the witness for You. I’ll study and pray for them and for that special day When You return, till then, Lord show me the way. I’ll praise Your name to lift You up. Give me words to say, You are the only way Let me share Your word with others today, The silence is over!!”

Then, he was singing the words. And, then he sorta forgot the melody. After all, he didn’t sing that much to begin with.

He told his hunting pal, John Temple about his unusual experience. Jim was convinced this was a Holy Spirit event. “John, I feel I need to do something with this. The Lord was speaking to me. He wants me to get up off my good intentions, and start witnessing for him. And, he wants me to get others to do the same. It needs to be a song. But, I can’t even remember the melody.”

John, a Baptist minister, called his singer/ songwriter/ minister golfing partner, Jacky Jack White. Jack has written hits for artists as diverse as Ray Stevens, Steve Wariner, and Charley Pride. He wrote the international hit,”Exchange of Hearts.” Plus, he’s written a number of Christian Country, and Southern Gospel hits, including “When Men Pray.”

Jack looked at the words, and attempted to capture the essence of what Jim had written. The result is Jacky Jack White’s latest release, “I’ll Speak For You” on Sucarnochee Records, and published by Bob White Music, Inc. Jacky Jack’s had two Christian Country hits recently with “Justified,” and “White Picket Fence.” In fact, his Sucarnochee Records has charted several Christian Country, Bluegrass Gospel, and Independent Country titles over the last three years.

“Being a part of this has really been meaningful for me,” according to White. “The whole process including working with producer/engineer Don Mosley at his Sound of Birmingham Studio, and working with Birmingham musicians for the first time, and seeing their positive appreciation for the song has just been a miracle itself.”

Jim Druey, and Jacky Jack White are both unashamed to say “I’ll Speak For You.”

This song will be formally released in March, 2023, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peak:

I’ll Speak For You 
Jimmy Frank Druey/Jackie Wayne White
(c) Bob White Music, Inc., ASCAP

Vs 1
The silence is over, I hear you so clear
My heart-doors are open, I know you are near
You are my Savior, you’ve never wavered
You’ve always seen me through
Lord, it’s an honor
I’ll Speak For You
Vs 2
Lord, please allow me/to share my faith
People around me/ need a taste of your Grace
Lord, there’s the lonely/ and all the hopeless
Help me, help them / see a Life brand new
Lord, It’s an Honor
I’ll Speak For You
I’ll Speak For You
I’ll Praise Your Name
The Spirit and the Word
Tell Me  What to Say
I’ll be a Light
In This Dark World
Reflecting The Love from You
Lord, It’s an Honor
I’ll Speak For You
(Repeat Chorus)

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