Sucarnochee Records and Bob White Music,Inc. Sign Artists Jerry Glenn Wolfe and Berritt Haynes

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Pictured: Jerry Glenn Wolfe, Jacky Jack White, and Berritt Haynes at Don Mosley’s Sound of Birmingham Studio

On January 30, 2023, Sucarnochee Records and Bob White Music,Inc. announced they had sign artists Jerry Glenn Wolfe, and Berritt Haynes. Jerry, and Berritt are major league singer/songwriters, and Sucarnochee Records plans to soon release singles on both artists.

Berritt Haynes is known for his great performances on “The Voice” last year. One of Berritt’s first releases will be a remake of the international hit by David Slater, “Exchange of Hearts.” That song was written by David, and Jacky Jack White for Bob White Music,Inc.

Congratulations to these fine Artists!!!

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