• Sucarnochee Records and Bob White Music,Inc. Sign Artists Jerry Glenn Wolfe and Berritt Haynes
    On January 30, 2023, Sucarnochee Records and Bob White Music,Inc. announced they had sign artists Jerry Glenn Wolfe, and Berritt Haynes. Jerry, and Berritt are major league singer/songwriters, and Sucarnochee Records plans to soon release singles on both artists. Berritt Haynes is known for his great performances on “The Voice” last year. One of Berritt’s first…
  • Jacky Jack White Writes About Cindy Walker In CashBox Magazine, February 2023
    In an Cashbox Magazine article titled “You Don’t Know Her: The Great – and Very Private – Cindy Walker, Jacky Jack White tells of the memories and milestones of a legendary songwriter.
  • Jacky Jack White & Carl Ray In Cross Country Magazine, February 2023
    The February, 2023 edition of Cross Country USA Magazine features a great article with Jacky Jack White & Carl Ray as they tell the behind scenes of their hit song “Moments Like This”.
  • New Release From Jacky Jack White – “I’ll Speak For You”
    Jim Druey is a man’s man. He’s been a successful, hardworking, hard-charging businessman, and entrepreneur all of his life. He saw an awful lot of action as a soldier in the jungles of Vietnam. After that, he, and his wife Carole traveled the world , raised a family, and planted businesses. When he hit his…
  • Sucarnochee Revue Show – March, 2023
    Some of the best young and established performing artists! The Revue has launched many stars so don’t miss out! The show will be at The Historic Temple Theater in Downtown Meridian on Friday, March 10th and curtain goes up at 7:00pm. The show will be filmed for RFD-TV’s new “Tony’s Backstage Pass” and boasts one…